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Tofino plans water town hall as rain’s absence continues

The district has announced Stage 3 water restrictions beginning Monday, July 10

More sun has led to more problems in Tofino as the district has announced Stage 3 water restrictions beginning Monday, July 10.

Stage 3 prohibits all outdoor water use and any outdoor showers, taps and faucets must be turned off. Prohibitions include no boat, bicycle, car or wetsuit rinsing, no lawn or food plant gardening, no window washing and no outdoor showering.

The district announced the new restrictions on Friday, July 7, explaining that the town is “currently experiencing a significantly drier and hotter start to summer.”

The announcement states Tofino received about 11mm of rain throughout June, significantly lower than the month’s annual average of 99mm.

Tofino moved into Stage 2 after just over 4.2 mm of rain was recorded in May compared to and annual average of about 150 mm.

“Since May 1, Tofino has received ~19mm of rain total. On average, cumulative rainfall for this period is ~249mm,” the announcement reads. “The District of Tofino is requesting all visitors and residents to conserve water in an effort to delay further restrictions.”

It adds that the Hwy. 4 closure that significantly decreased the number of visitors coming into the area did not have the same effect on water consumption, which dropped just 4.2 per cent compared to June 2022.

“District Staff are meeting with major water users weekly to encourage education and aware - ness, and Bylaw staff are educating users about water conservation regulations,” it reads.

Public washrooms at Maltby and Tonquin will remain open, but all others will be closed and portable washrooms will be installed.

The district is encouraging all residents and visitors to participate in its ongoing 20 per cent reduction challenge and more information can be found at

The district is also planning to hold a town hall on water next week that will be open to all com - munity members and further information about that event is expected to arrive shortly.

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