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Ucluelet skatepark group eyes mini-ramp

Ucluelet Skatepark Committee hopes to score Co-op Community Spaces Grant
Mark Naylor of England travelled from Vancouver to participate in Ucluelet’s second annual Sawtooth Jam at the Ucluelet Skatepark on Aug. 5, 2023. The event showcased the community’s popular skate bowl. (Andrew Bailey photo)

The Ucluelet Skatepark Committee is hoping to score a grant to help its pursuit of a mini-ramp.

In a letter on behalf of the committee seeking support from the town’s municipal council, Rylie Noyes explained a Co-op Community Spaces Grant the committee is applying for would help cover the first phase of upgrades the committee is seeking.

“The skatepark is an important place for many members of our community, especially families with young children to encourage physical and mental wellbeing,” he wrote. “These upgrades are required maintenance and an investment to promote a safe and inclusive space for years to come.”

Noyes wrote that the committee, which formed in 2022, kicked off fundraising efforts and began reaching out to contracting companies over the past year to upgrade the park as well as the addition of a 1,700 sq. ft. mini-ramp, which is expected to cost roughly $127,000.

“The mini-ramp is an essential key to the skatepark upgrades for its user friendly appeal. As many young families use the skatepark, this addition would help beginners and still be fun for experienced skateboarders,” she wrote. “As we have seen the skatepark getting busier every year, this addition would also create better flow at the park and accommodate more people. Skateboarding builds confidence, teaches perseverance, and provides a healthy outlet both physically and mentally for all ages.”

She added the park is heavily used and requires routine maintenance as well as upgrades.

“We are thankful for all of the support received from council thus far and we hope you share our vision of improving this highly used space. We are very grateful for the facility we currently have and are excited to see the development of these upgrades,” she wrote.

Council was quick to unanimously agree to write a letter of support for the committee’s grant application during their Feb. 28 regular meeting.

“The skatepark is a great community resource. My kids love it, lots of kids love it. One of the things that I really enjoy about it that I think makes it particularly suitable for this kind of funding is it’s something that appeals to everyone,” said Coun. Mark Maftei.

“On a busy, crowded day there, you have a real cross-section of all different kinds of people using it for all different purposes and it’s a great environment. I think it’s something we should feel good about trying to support, trying to expand and trying to put money into.”

Coun. Shawn Anderson agreed.

“One of the best parts that I’ve noticed out there is there’s this culture of the older kids helping the smaller kids. It’s just so heartwarming and it’s really cool to see,” he said.

Coun. Ian Kennington noted that word is spreading about Ucluelet’s skatepark scene.

“It’s very popular,” he said. “People come to Ucluelet to use our skatepark.”

“That’s amazing,” Mayor Marilyn McEwen responded.

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