What will we cull next?

Ucluelet – I wish to add my opposition to any deer cull, perceived or actual, in the District of Ucluelet.

I moved here almost 13 years ago for the scenery, among other reasons, which includes the local wildlife, ground-bound, avian and sea life.

It’s a great joy for me to look out my back window and observe deer lazing and grazing on the grass or look up and watch all manner of birds soaring through the sky.

My pal and I walk extensively about this community every day (there’s very few streets we haven’t explored) as well as the Wild Pacific Trail. In all those years I have lived in Ucluelet, I’ve yet to see a wolf or cougar anywhere in our travels. I suggest that it’s the twolegged animals encroaching on the four-legged’s territory – not the other way around.

This community sees hundreds of tourists coming here for the same reason I did, and we should be encouraging them to come, rather than giving them reason not to.

If council feels a deer cull is necessary, I wonder what comes next. Harbour seals because they are noisy from time to time? I find it not sporting, manly or necessary to shoot wildlife which can’t shoot back.

Bill Young