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Tofino-Ucluelet leaders share Letters to Santa

Elected officials lay out their wishlists.
Excited Patrick Leslie, 3, visits with Santa Claus during a special socially distanced photo event organized by the Ucluelet Children’s Centre. Far West provided yummy hot chocolate and all the kids went home with a craft bag. (Jen McLeod photo)

Dear Santa,

I wanted to write and tell you that the whole West Coast is more excited than ever to have you pass through!

This has been a tough year for all of us and this holiday season looks a little different than years past.

I know as you’re out and about you will be wearing a mask and washing and sanitizing your hands as you visit our homes. In return we’ll make sure our chimneys are sparkling clean!

Please bring us patience and kindness as we weather COVID-19 and plan for a fresh start to 2021.

Our community has been doing a great job of staying connected while staying a part, but it’s not easy going without those holiday parties. Your Christmas Eve journey is a reminder of what ties us together while we can’t gather.

Thanks for being a bright reminder of joy and light.

Josie Osborne

MLA Mid Island – Pacific Rim

Dear Père Noël

As 2020 comes to an end I am grateful for the community that I represent.

Every community member contributed to the positive outcomes we have experienced from the onset of Covid-19.

It has not been easy, with some difficult conversations, with most supporting our decisions as a group. Thank you!

Thank you to those that have supported the direction and decisions made at the local level. Into 2021, I wish for continued community minded kindness to each other and to those that may not be a familiar face. We all play a role to ensure our community is stronger when we face challenges.

As your mayor I am committed to ensure we continue a strong foundation of trust and consistency from the district office.

Our community is counting on residents to get creative and know that the District office is open to hear all ideas to better serve you. The highlights for me in 2020 is a diversified strong council ( each councillor active in the community) and an administration that kept the community in its daily decisions. We have built some new bridges with local leaders and the YFN flag presented by President McCarthy to our council chamber was a moving moment for me personally.

Relationships to those that are likeminded make what we do rewarding.

Thank you Ukee!

I appreciate you all.

From Milena, Chloe, Lilia and Myself we wish everyone a safe Christmas with good health and happiness for 2021.

Mayco Noel

Mayor of Ucluelet

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is to hug my friends, to visit my neighbors and to see the smiles that have been hiding under masks. I want to welcome back visitors and to gather in large groups, for no other reason than because I can.

And with all of that, I want to remember why we did what we did, and to continue to support, to keep safe, and to lift the vulnerable populations in our communities.

And lastly in the words of a great doctor who inspired so many of us, I hope we will all continue to be kind, be calm and be safe.

Merry Christmas.

Britt Chalmers

Tofino councillor

Dear Santa,

After much reflection on this past year and a brief review of my last year’s asks - I just wanted to start by saying thank you.

This year has had some of the most epic challenges that surpass what most of us thought we would ever experience - and even with all the global misfortune and uncertainty - here we are.

I am immensely proud of our hometown and all the amazingly supportive and resilient citizens that make our community the fabulously caring collective that we are! So for this next year we will continue to plug away on all the big picture tasks and plans… but for now, may I please ask only that this Christmas you lookout for any of us that may need a little something to get through this holiday season - especially in this difficult year. If you need rain boots on the ground type help - just reach out and our network of kind elves here on the West Coast can help fill any gaps.

Thanks again Santa!

Safe Travels.

Ps. We will leave the hand sanitizer by the COVID free carrots and cookie plate.

Rachelle Cole

Ucluelet councillor

Dear Santa,

Wow, it’s been a crazy year on so many levels - you’ve got your work cut out for you this Christmas, but then again I suppose this isn’t your first pandemic is it?

Personally, I have everything I need, which in the grand scheme of things is rather humbling these days - I do want a pair of track pants, but I already asked my kids so I don’t want to double dip. How about a new waste water treatment plant? I know it’s a tall order for the 25th, but I’d settle for a rain cheque for anytime in 2021. I’m not particular on the model, just as long as it works. I am grateful and thankful for affordable housing - I hate to see so many friends have to leave town, just go easy on the wild-spaces hey? You know I’ve been bugging you for decades for a public pool to no avail, but I’m going to keep at it - it is Christmas. Also, It’s so great to see the kids skating downtown - not sure if you had anything to do with that, but I’d love to keep that momentum going. I’m sure my colleagues have a few more great ideas for Tofino, so I’ll leave it at that.

If you ever want to come for a visit in your off season, let me know - just give me lots of heads up.

Blessings Big Guy, and stay safe.

PS, I’d love to hug all my family and friends again soon, so sprinkle some Christmas magic en route.

PPS, if you REALLY want to throw something in my stocking, I do especially love ultralight camping gear.

Dan Law

Tofino councillor

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