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Wolf-dog roaming loose on Vancouver Island reportedly shot dead

Resident makes claim but officials unable to confirm status of animal
The wolf-dog loose in the Parksville Qualicum Beach area for months has reportedly been shot and killed. (FLED photo via Facebook)

A wolf-dog roaming loose in the Parksville Qualicum Beach area has been shot and killed, according an unconfirmed report by an area resident.

Greg Salmon believes the animal known as WD-40 was killed on Easter long weekend in early April after it entered a farm in the area.

“I didn’t shoot it, but I heard the gun shot,” said Salmon. “It got into somebody’s pens there and it’s gone. It’s over.”

Salmon said he wants the community to know people can enjoy the trails and not be concerned about encountering the wolf-dog. His 18-month-old French Bulldog, Ocean, was killed by the wolf-dog while on leash at the Coombs Country Campground in November.

A few days after the gun shot, Salmon said he was told the wolf-dog had been killed after being spotted on a trail and then later in someone’s pens.

The BC Conservation Officer Service (COS) said it cannot respond to a rumour, and added Coastal Animal Control Services of BC (CAC) is the lead agency on trapping the animal.

CAC also said it was aware of a report the animal had been shot, and said it had received at least one call to that effect. The CAC-monitored trap was active as of April 23, according to CAC.

Parksville Qualicum MLA Adam Walker said his office had noticed “a sizeable decrease in the number of concerns and complaints regarding the wolf-dog, and sightings.”

The dropoff in reported concerns, complaints and sightings corresponds to early April, Walker said.

“It’s my understanding that this was not something that was done directly by any conservation staff or any of the contractors that were hired by the Regional District of Nanaimo,” Walker said. “It’s all just kind of hearsay.”

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FLED (Find lost and escaped dogs) had previously assisted a volunteer monitor a baited trap, without success and is no longer involved.

When contacted via email by the PQB News, FLED said it had not been contacted by anyone regarding the wolf-dog being shot but added, “if that is so, that will be a damn shame since he survived this long and everything was ready for him at the sanctuary was ready to take him.”

Oceanside RCMP received no reports or any information about the wolf-dog being shot nor any shots fired complaints during the time period of March 31 to April 1, according to Sgt. Shane Worth.

The elusive animal known as WD-40 was first spotted in the Coombs area last fall. It was reportedly released by an unidentified owner and there are numerous reports of attacks on domestic pets.

Salmon said he is working on a petition to have the government enact a law (Ocean’s Law) that would make the abandonment of an animal illegal, whether is it dumped it in a public place or left anywhere without providing it with all needs and care.

The petition also calls for a person to face criminal charges if they dump an animal that injures or kills a human or another animal. It has received approximately 3,000 signatures in four-and-a-half months.

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