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Ucluelet’s three candidates for mayor introduce themselves

Three candidates vying to steer Ucluelet council for next four years
Ucluelet’s candidates for mayor Bruce Faith, Marilyn McEwen and Rachelle Cole smile together after pitching their case to the community at an all candidates forum hosted by the Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce. (Andrew Bailey photo)

B.C.’s municipal elections are on Oct. 15. Ucluelet mayor Mayco Noel decided not to run for re-election. In an effort to help Ucluelet locals be informed of their choices, the Westerly News reached out to the three candidates running for mayor and asked them to introduce themselves and share why they’re running. The candidates were given a maximum of 300 words and the order of their responses below was selected at random.

Bruce Faith

The Ucluelet community can easily recognize that the same topics are brought up each year. Topics such as: child safety and speed limits in residential areas; access to and the development of affordable housing; upgrades to critical infrastructure such as upgrading our firehall. These topics have been at the front of the line for years now, and I share the community’s frustration from seeing these items put on the back burner as new issues arise annually.

Valuable progress has been made on items like water treatment upgrades but at what cost? Budgeting resources can be preserved and used more effectively by moving this type of critical infrastructure improvement forward with a shorter timeline. This will allow for more efficient development in all areas

As your Mayor, I want to work as a team with The District staff and the exciting new council, addressing the issues.

I want to deal with young family concerns regarding their children’s safety by moving towards a 30km limit in all residential areas. I will also pursue the available Provincial and Federal grants available for affordable housing, infrastructure, building a new firehall and the list goes on and on. I am a proven organizer and fund raiser.

Let’s get things done! I will dedicate myself full-time as this strong community’s reliable leader. I want to focus on the 4 years ahead.

I want to act on issues that won’t strain our budgets. Child safety, reopening the options of a dispensary, downtown parking issues are items I intend to address immediately, while not neglecting the larger topics of infrastructure development and affordable housing.

A vote for me will allow us to stop treading water and swim forward with determination, with our goals in sight. Thank you and please visit my website,

Thank you.

Rachelle Cole

Who I am:

I am born and raised in Ucluelet - a 3rd Generation Ucluetian - my son attends the same elementary school that his Grandparents did.

Why I am Running:

I would be honoured to serve a second term on Council. I spent my first term learning the ropes, engaging in community discussions and putting our community first. I would love the opportunity to carry forward that work and continue to represent Ucluelet as Mayor.

In my first term I was an active member of Council, serving as the Ucluelet Representative for the ACRD, the Alberni Clayoquot Health Network, on the Barkley Community Forest and taking on other commitments as they arose.

I recognize the value of working with our neighbours, the region and the impact of our joint advocacy. I am known for putting 110% to everything I do and this was a role I truly embraced and enjoyed.

I am passionate about building a town that works for all residents. I would like the opportunity to ensure our priorities around housing, infrastructure and community mobility are realized. It would be a pleasure to work with a new team of passionate community members in order to see these priorities come to fruition.

My Priorities:

Advocacy with our neighbours for the health of the region.

Stimulating action from recommendations outlined in our Housing Needs Assessment.

Creation and Maintenance of town Infrastructure - sidewalks, water, and asset management.

Transportation and mobility in our rural communities.

Maintaining the uniqueness of Ucluelet and creating a healthy community for all residents.

My Vision:

To see Ucluelet and our neighbouring communities thrive.

This means listening to residents, collaborating to address some of our big issues and ensuring Ucluelet remains a community that works for its residents.

Marilyn McEwen

I am proud to run for Mayor of Ucluelet. I have served the last eight years as a local Councillor. This election is critical for our community and now more than ever it is key to have an established civic leader at the helm to steer us through these challenging times.

As mayor, I will continually work hard for Ucluelet with honesty and integrity. I will listen, facilitate and lead. I will not offer quick solutions to complex community concerns. I promise to maintain an open, consistent, respectful dialog, have healthy and constructive conversations, listen to opinions from the community, District Staff and Council about the issues Ucluelet is facing. I envision some Community Forest money going toward an affordable Housing Corporation, getting BC Transit back at the table to bring bus service to our communities, a legal cannabis store with the proper applicant, a hard sports facility being completed, the relocation of the Food Bank, and the re-imagining of the Amphitrite Lightkeeper’s house & land.

Projects don’t automatically complete themselves; they require continuity, oversight and adjustments. Projects such as the new medical centre, key housing developments, water treatment, infrastructure, childcare, business development, and sustainable growth in our community will require full attention to effectively see them through to fruition.

I bring almost three decades of strong community commitment, volunteer and serve on many local boards, and have extensive small businesses experience. I am a practical and effective leader who has handled everything from contentious issues at public hearings, rezoning issues, by-law variances, and permit application discussions through the lens of reason, facts, and practicality.

As mayor I will maintain the positive momentum we have built; I would be honoured to be the person who leads the future of our community together with all of Ucluelet.