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Tofitian raising funds to make sure kids get breakfast

A Tofino local is looking for the community's support in an effort to make sure kids are getting their most important meal of the day.

Keith Gibson is part of a group working on a school project for their bachelor of commerce degree at Royal Roads and his group been tasked with developing an e-commerce venture that supports a charitable cause.

One member of the group lives in Yellowknife and suggested the Food First Foundation, a registered charity that has partnered with Breakfast Clubs of Canada to fund breakfast programs in five schools within the Northwest Territories.

The group agreed on the cause and then took their project one step further by addressing the need to cut down on the amount of plastic bags people are using.

They developed Bags-4Breakfast, a charity driven initiative where 100 per cent of the proceeds go towards getting kids a healthy breakfast to start their day.

"We're doing pretty good. It's amazing how many people are sup- porting us," Gibson said. The re-useable bags feature the Bags-4Breakfast logo and fold up into a small pouch for easy transfer.

"They're high quality polyester shopping bags that people can re-use for their grocery shopping," Gibson said. "It addresses a global issue but it also addresses the issue of kids not getting a proper meal in the morning."

The bags can be purchased online at and the group also has a Facebook account to like and a Twitter account to follow.

Andrew Bailey

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