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Quebec police arrest man for online threats linked to self-declared ‘queen of Canada’

Didulo claims to be queen and commander-in-chief of Canada

Police north of Montreal say they’ve arrested a 42-year-old man for allegedly making online threats in connection with his support for a woman who claims to be the queen of Canada.

Laval, Que., police said today they are investigating after Radio-Canada reported on Romana Didulo, a British Columbia woman who has allegedly called on her supporters to kill medical professionals vaccinating children against COVID-19.

In videos posted on YouTube, Didulo claims to be queen and commander-in-chief of Canada, a role she says she was given by the United States military after Queen Elizabeth was executed.

Laval police say Didulo has more than 70,000 subscribers on messaging application Telegram.

Police say the man they arrested had made online threats in connection with the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 at his child’s school. They say the suspect was questioned by investigators and released.

Police have not disclosed the man’s name because he has not been formally charged.

– The Canadian Press