Noel: District office needs to catch up

I would provide a different perspective to council, and that is why I am running.

Ucluelet needs a stronger, more outspoken representative in the council chambers, particularly on development matters.

I am worried about the public discourse with the district office and the overuse of delegated authority. With over 16 years in business, with experience aggressively turning around failing projects, I have learned that efficiency comes through cutting the fat while focusing on keeping key individuals accountable.

I am willing to ask the tough questions and I won’t back down until they are answered. The community and myself have questioned some of the decisions made over the past six years and I wish to have a better understanding of these issues and challenges experienced by the district.

Why these decisions are made without thought of the longterm effects and discovering if these issues are due to internal or external factors will be a large part of my focus.

I understand the challenges facing young families in the area, having two daughters myself, and keeping young families from leaving the area has to be at the heart of Council’s mandate.

How do we keep our residents here and provide services that have value, and who determines what has value?

Ucluelet has survived the last economic crash and people have found ways to survive. Its time for the district office to catch up.