‘Becoming Wild’ author to speak in Tofino

Set in the Broughton Archipelago-a maze of isolated islands off the coast of British Columbia- Becoming Wild: Living the Primitive Life on a West Coast Island is a story of survival in the pristine wildernes. Sometimes predator and sometimes prey, twenty-nineyear-old Nikki puts her survival training to the test, fending off the harsh weather, hungry wildlife, threat of starvation and the endless perils of this rugged Raincoast –for 19 months.

Told in a voice that is both familiar and vulnerable, Becoming Wild explores our innate longings to connect with nature and revert to a pure, Eden-like state.

Nikki van Schyndel will be sharing stories of her experience on Wednesday, April 30, at the Clayoquot Sound Community Theatre, which is presented by Raincoast Education Society.

She will tell how she relied on her knowledge of BC’s coastal flora and fauna, and the ancient techniques of hunting and gathering to survive, making clothes from cedar bark and taking great joy in gobbling a fish tail whole.

There will be a slideshow presentation and examples of some of the things she made, from cedar bark clothing to fish hooks.

“Becoming Wild is a must read for anyone concerned about the future of people and the natural world,” said Jon Young of Wilderness Awareness School.

“Nikki’s heartfelt and transparent self-discovery, reconciliation and renegotiation with self, others and the offerings of our world is a model all can benefit from.”