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West Coast celebrates graduates

Communities will cheer Class of 2017 at June 10 ceremony.
Members of Ucluelet Secondary School’s Class of 2017 stopped by the art room last week for sneak peak at their grad board. The school’s graduation celebration takes place this Saturday at 2 p.m. in the USS gym. (Photo - Nora O’Malley)

It’s graduation weekend for Ucluelet Secondary School.

“Graduating is a huge milestone,” said graduating class member Keirstyn Mclorie.

“You’re in school for like half of your teenage-growing-up-stage and then you just get thrown out into the world and you have to figure out your [stuff] pretty much. I’m excited to do that.”

Mclorie, who was elected by her class to illustrate the 2017 grad board, plans on pursuing a career in equestrian training. It’s a unique ambition to be sure and she’s not the only one in her class with special skills.

There are the athletes: Ucluelet’s champion wrestler Mayben Crabbe, Tofino’s surf star Kalum Temple, and volleyball queen Talia Corlazzoli.

The artists: Jaiden George who’s heading to Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver and Claire Kemps who made an inaugural painting sale at ArtSplash! this year. The entertainers: Ian Brittain who is renown for his pop-and-lock dancing ability.

And, the leaders: Tyler Krueger was the driving force behind student council, Brayden Gibson who excels at construction, and Sylvia O’Brien who wants to pursue a career in medicine.

USS grad supervisor Mike Chapman believes this year’s class is unique.

“They all have immensely varied interests and really honed in on refining their talents in those interests and those fields,” he said. “We have kids that are making movies, making board games, getting out and kayaking and then we have some kids that are into science and planning events stuff like that.”

Although Mclorie said USS was a nice and well-connected school to attend, she was notably excited for grad day.

“I know there are some kids in our class that are a little bit nervous, but, I mean, I’m ready to just dive in,” she said. “I’m excited to see what life has to offer.”

Chapman encourages all members of the community to join in on the grad celebration by attending the schools graduation ceremony on Saturday, June 10 at 2 p.m. in the USS gym. Everyone is welcome.

“It’s a fun time. The grads out here are different then any of the other grads out there,” Chapman said. “It is truly a celebration of every student’s individuality. If you haven’t experienced one, they are a sight to behold.”