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Friendly neighbourhood garage in North Saanich helps Ukrainian Refugees

Deep Cove Auto helped three Ukrainian refugees with their cars
Henry Peng, owner of mechanics Kelly and John, has been helping to repair the cars of Ukrainian refugees and so far, they have repaired three of them. (Facebook/ Torque Masters)

When Henry Peng from Deep Cove Auto in North Saanich was asked to provide auto services for Ukrainian refugees, he was eager to help.

“We’re a neighborhood garage. We already try to help out our neighbours, so we help out refugees,” said Henry Peng, owner of Deep Cove Auto.

Russia invaded Ukraine in March 2022, displacing thousands of people and destroying cities.

“They didn’t choose to go to war or lose their house. And now they have nothing when they come to Canada,” Peng said.

Peng, an immigrant, acknowledges how difficult it is to move to Canada and wants to help people as best he can.

“If I have the ability to help other people, I’ll help out,” Peng said.

Deep Cove Auto has been able to help with three cars for Ukrainian refugees but had to turn one away as the vehicle was beyond repair. The shop has fixed brakes, shocks and ball joints.

The team at Deep Cove Auto acts as a middleman between the Torque Masters Auto Club and the Ukrainian refugees and does not meet the client directly.

“We do the inspection and repair parts that the car needs. We don’t get to talk to the final users of the vehicle,” Peng said.

A Ukrainian refugee’s car was first repaired in the summer of 2023, with plans to continue assisting with repairs as long as needed.

“If we all went in to help each other out, the world would be in a better place,” Peng said.

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