Westerly Exclusive: The Easter Bunny talks

At the Westerly News, the Easter Bunny helped draw the winner for the colouring contest. Cohen Carson and Keale Costello (pic next week) drew the grand prizes, which included a hand-made chocolate bunny from Chocolate Tofino. Talented artists who were named Honourable Mentions included Kiramarie Cameron, 6; Jack Carson, 7; Madison Cortes, 9; Mavric Cortes, 7; Cidra Epp, 5; Shanti Grimshire, 3; Calla Hurwitz, 5; Evan McPherson, 3 1/2. “Excellent work, everybunny! I can see the future of the arts on the West Coast is in good hands,” said the Easter Bunny, who said he was thrilled to return to the West Coast. “And thanks to all the deputy bunnies who help make things fun for the kids. Everybunny needs somebunny, sometimes.”

His favourite part about returning to the West Coast?

“I always read the Westerly News. And love to see all the local wildlife, although I keep

a safe distance. When I hop along the Wild Pacific Trail, the Tonquin Trail and even the Big Tree Trail and the Wild Side Trail, I carry bear bangers in case I encounter a cougar or a bear or a wolf on the trail, and I never leave chocolate or other attractants out for the wildlife, so be sure to get all those Easter Eggs up,” the Bunny said. “And I love spring, surfing, the rhododendrons all the Earth Day/Earth Week activities, too.”

Fergus Carmichael Newshound is a correspondent for the Westerly News.