Behest of the West

Behest of the West: Strength shown during Prime Minister’s meetings in Tofino

He knows how unpopular he is in the dens he walked into.


Behest of the West: All locals report to Ukee Days

Get prepared to party West Coast.


Behest of the West: July is a hot and confusing traffic jam

It’s an infusion of confusion out there.


Behest of the West: Don’t fear a ferry, fear being trapped

A car ferry wouldn’t just benefit them, it would be good for us too.

Behest of the West: We live where the world wants to be

Turning their wallets into boomerangs is no easy task.

Behest of the West: Someone’s got to break the ice

Who knows what kind of beautiful tools we could cast if we lit a collaborative spark?

Behest of the West: Engage to make their history interesting

We’re the ones putting their town’s past together.

Behest of the West: False perceptions please and plague in Tofino and Ucluelet

We’re getting ornery and it’s way too early in the season for the angst to be this thick.