What Cohen REALLY said

In the recent (Westerly News) article on the Cermaq application for new fish farm sites,I believe I was quoted out of context. What I believe is important that Cohen said in his recommendations about fish farms is this: 1) protect wild salmon from open net pen agriculture 2) remove promotion of Aquaculture from DFO mandate,it compromises it’s ability to protect wild salmon.

3) priories the health of wild salmon over the suitability of fish farm sites. 4) conduct more research into disease effecting and impacting wild salmon.

5) properly implement the precautionary principle to remove farms that are dangerous to migrating salmon and Put the weight of proof on fish farms to show evidence they can safely coexist with wild fish Thank you. Regards, Dave Ratclifffe

Ed.: Thanks for sharing your favourite points from Cohen’s report. It was a very extensive report -might not cutting it down to those five be also considered taking it out of context or cherrypicking?