Thanks to local business for boost to SIMRS research

Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society would like to give a great big thanks to Jamie’s Whaling Station and their staff for their generous donation of $10,000.

Jamie’s Whaling Station provides an annual donation to the Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society through a $2 research fee that is added to each Jamie’s whale watching tours. At the end of each year, Jamie’s donates the cash to Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society and other charities in the community.

Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society is a registered charity based in Clayoquot Sound. We are a group of dedicated naturalists and biologists who conduct marine research, monitor marine life unique to Clayoquot Sound, support

other researchers and promote education and involvement in marine monitoring in Clayoquot Sound.

Over the past 22 years, we have monitored the location of birds and mammals on our continental shelf, rescued several entangled whales, and mapped eelgrass meadows. We continue to map and log Killer Whales, count sea lions, performed necropsies and

evaluated Gray Whale feeding grounds. We have collect information on water quality sampling in Lemmens Inlet and monitoring sediment movement over Tofino’s sewer outfalls. We keep data logs of more than 20 peripheral or rare species of marine mammals, birds and reptiles, including the Gray Wolf’s use of the intertidal area. And on top of all this we travel across Canada with our ‘Builda-Whale’ Killer Whale education program.

Thank you Jamie’s Whaling Station, for helping this important work continue! To find out more about Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society follow us on Facebook or visit our website (