Adding fuel to Imperial Lane name debate

Ucluelet – Dear Editor, We have been enjoying the “Eat/Play/Live: Review” articles and were pleased to see this week’s positive review of Ukee Dogs.

However, just a small quibble.

Imperial Lane is not “improbably named” in a misplaced sense of grandeur. It was named so because of the old Imperial Oil bulk station and storage tanks which were located on the corner of Matterson and Helen and across the Lane on the waterfront. The fuel was delivered to a wharf located at the foot of Matterson by Imperial Oil tankers. Both wharf and bulk station have been removed.

Yours truly, Pam and Dave McIntosh, “Improbable” residents of the “improbable” Imperial Lane EDITOR’S NOTE: We think it’s improbable that a lane by any other name would enjoy a much grander view than that enjoyed by the residents of the appropriately named Imperial Lane. Can see it even better now we’ve taken our foot out of our mouth 🙂 What’s so bad about photo radar? What is it about photo radar that people hate so much? We have driving laws to help improve road safety and the environment, often the speed limits posted seem ridiculous but for some reason what seems to excite the public is not the set speed limit but the enforcement of the speed limit in a fair and cost effective manner. There is nothing that I find more offensive than going past a speed trap staffed by 3 or 4 policemen each with their own police car, what a stupid waste of money that is. Set up an automated radar speed camera and a better job is achieved for a fraction of the cost.

Last week’s ridiculous editorial cartoon shows the government collecting bucket loads of money -this is a good thing, the government is us. Why have we here in British Columbia decided to protect those that drive too fast? and why is it that the general population thinks that this is a good thing? Scrapping photo radar was wrong environmentally, morally and fiscally. Glorifying that stupidity in our local paper is completely inappropriate.

Sincerely, Duncan Hume