Ukee Public Market Society gets relief, seeks support

The Ucluelet Public Market Society is set to tackle is the $150 business licence fees vendors are being faced with.

Member Cody Naples told the Westerly that 11 markets are held each summer and each one runs for about four hours meaning vendors get about 44 hours each season to pitch their wares.

“To pay for a full business license to run for 44 hours doesn’t make sense,” he said.

He said insurance and entertainment fees already have many vendors operating on a non-profit basis but tacking on the full business licence fee makes setting up shop at the market a money-losing venture for some.

Naples met with the district on Thursday and said the conversation was productive.

“It went really well,” he said. “We’ve had a few hiccups in the past getting our policy and agreements all sorted out so I wasn’t sure if it was going to be as smooth as it was but the district’s been really good about getting everything as easy as possible for us to run a non-profit volunteerrun public market.”

He said the society would hash through recommendations with district staff before submitting a report to council and noted the BC Farmers Market Association