Ucluelet: Deer rescued from between a rock and a hard place

A local deer is running free after being rescued from a tight situation on Monday morning. The deer found itself stuck between a house and a fence around 9 a.m. on Feb 24.

The homeowner alerted the Ucluelet RCMP and Const. Chris Squire arrived to find the deer wedged into an approx 8-inch gap.

How the deer wound up in that situation remains unclear but the homeowner told Squire it had been stuck there for about an hour.

“The homeowner and I were able to pry the fence away a little bit and the deer got away,” Squire said. “The deer was spooked enough as it was by our presence so it was trying to get backwards and that extra inch moving the fence post gave it enough room to pull out backwards and it bounced away.”

Squire said the Ucluelet detachment receives a number of “odd calls” and assists locals deal with a variety of situations.

“Generally if people don’t know who to call then we get the call,” he said adding police will sometimes contact other bodies like the BC Conservation Office for assistance.

“In this case it just happened that we were able to pry that fence post a bit and (the deer) just sprung away.”

Slasher not to blame for tire explosion A manufacturing defect may be to blame for an early morning tire explosion on Feb. 21.

After a loud bang woke Lawrence Cortes, along with his wife and most likely his entire neighborhood, he went outside to find one of his truck’s tires was destroyed.

He initially thought someone had intentionally slashed the tire and reported the incident to the Ucluelet RCMP.

Police had little evidence to work with but Cortes now believes a manufacturing defect may have caused the tire to rupture.

“As far as the tire being slashed it doesn’t look like that’s what happened,” Cortes said. “It just looked the same because there’s a rip on the side of the tire that looked like somebody had driven a knife in.”

He said a weak spot on the tire’s wall could have caused it to blow and suggested such a significant explosion would not have occurred had the tire been slashed by a vandal.

“It woke up most of the neighborhood because it sounded almost like a stick of dynamite going off,” he said.

Ukee drivers ace road-checks Const. Marcel Midlane found no impaired drivers during a 40-minute check-stop at the corner of Peninsula and Pacific on Feb 22 around 1 a.m. He conducted another 1 a.m. check-stop the following day this time outside the Sea Plane Base Rec Hall.

He checked every vehicle leaving the dance and every vehicle had a sober designated driver, said Const. Chris Squire. “Obviously we don’t want to have drunk drivers on the roads. People that are drinking and driving have reduced reaction time so if a kid or an animal pops out in front of you you’re not going to have the same reaction time to stop,” Squire said.