Thicke: Great place to live makes a great place to visit

I am running for councillor in the District of Tofino because I believe that “if we make Tofino a great place to live, it will be a great place to visit.” In a nutshell, our community is the most important thing! We need to look at the education needs of our residents, diversify our seasonal tourism economy, collaborate with First Nations neighbours, promote wise stewardship of our natural amenities, consider affordable housing, water capacity, sewers, surfing, a heli-pad, and… fixing potholes! I want to improve these aspects of our community life. This concept of making Tofino a great place to live is something I try to take into consideration every time a decision of council has come before us over the past three years. Will this decision make Tofino a better place to live? What will Tofino look like in 25 years if I say yes -or no? What can I bring to the table to make a difference?

I have been an elementary teacher, swim coach, provincial government employee in recreation and fitness, mother of three, and more recently a graduate of Royal Roads Tourism Management. I believe these life skills and knowledge have led me to understand the importance of advocating on behalf of children and young adults for increased education opportunities, adding recreation options, and diversifying our tourism economy. It’s an amazing place we call home!