Rhodos, free for the picking: West Coast abloom

The rhododendron are in full bloom and it¹s open season at Ken Gibson¹s Garden.

Gibson is a long-time green-thumbed Tofino local and recipient of the American Rhododendron Society¹s Silver Medal Award.

He welcomes all to tour through his vast garden located at the corner of Fourth and Gibson in Tofino and will be encouraging this year¹s guests to leave with a souvenir.

Gibson wants to share his flowers with the West Coast’s locals and visitors and told the Westerly News any rhodos under twofeet off the ground are free to be plucked by whoever wants them.

Anyone interested in a taking a floral walk is encouraged to visit the garden where Gibson is ready to tour people through and provide a story for nearly every of the over 2,000 rhodos on-site.

Rhodo relishers are encouraged to walk up the property¹s driveway rather than drive.