Researchers to look at ways of mitigating impact of Arctic oil spills

Scientists study impact of Arctic oil spills

WINNIPEG — Ottawa and the Manitoba government have announced $4 million in funding for a large-scale research project aimed at helping Canadian companies and agencies be better prepared to mitigate the environmental impact of Arctic oil spills.

The Genice project will use incorporate microbial genomics in dealing with the issue of increasing traffic in Canada’s northern waterways and the risk that comes with shipping and oil exploration.

Simon Potter of Genome Prairie says climate change may present the opportunity for year-round shipping traffic along Canada’s Arctic coast, and it’s key to be prepared.

One of the primary recipients of the funding, Casey Hubert of the University of Calgary, says he and his colleagues will collaborate with the University of Manitoba to address gaps in understanding oil spill remediation in the North.

Professor Gary Stern of the University of Manitoba says the project comes at a critical time because “Canada needs to be prepared in the event of an oil spill in Arctic waters.”


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