Make More Memories & Less Waste This Holiday Season - Photo courtesy of ACRD.

Make More Memories & Less Waste This Holiday Season - Photo courtesy of ACRD.

Make More Memories & Less Waste This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to give and to receive – and clean up from all the giving and receiving! Once the festivities are over, there will inevitably be waste items to sort through and it’s important that items go into the right carts for roadside collection. Find out in the tips below how to sort your way to waste-free festivities.

What can go in the blue recycling cart?

Don’t forget to rinse items of food waste, and remove any soft plastic (i.e., scotch tape) before placing items loose in the cart (no stacking/nesting or overflow):

· Paper wrap (glitter wrap or plastic covered wrap should go in the garbage)

· Drink cartons (or take them to the recycling depot for bottle collection)

· Foil trays and tin foil wrap

· Greeting cards (or save these and turn them into gift card tags next year)

What can go in the green organics cart?

Remember – no plastics, even those marked compostable, in the green carts:

· Holiday food leftovers (i.e., roast beast and bones)

· Kitchen greases and oils

· Soiled tissues & paper napkins

· Leftover Gingerbread

· Coffee grains and paper filters (no Keurig cups)

What can go to Ozzard Environmental Recycling Depots?

Instead of throwing items that don’t belong in the green and blue carts for collection into the garbage, help us reduce the amount of per-person waste sent to landfill and take the following common items to the depot:

· Glass jars (i.e., mason jars)

· Candy wrappers chip bags, zip loc bags and other crinkly plastics

· Flexible plastics (i.e., plastic bags) and other stretchy plastics (i.e., cling/bubble wrap)

· Plastic lined envelopes

· Foam packaging

· String lights (if they still work consider donating to a reuse centre)

Wondering about an item that’s not on our list, like Christmas trees? Download the Sort’nGo ACRD app and ask the Waste Wizard to help sort you out! A desktop version of the app is available at:

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