NIWRA: See how one apple core can kill or injure an eagle

If you toss a biodegradable food item out of your car, you migh think that you’re helping to save the planet, one apple core at a time.

But what you’re really doing is potentially killing or injuring birds of prey.

In this episode of Black Press Media’s Impress Focus TV, Jodi Young and Tim Palmer explain how a simple act of seemingly harmless littering can set about a chain of events that leads to falcons, eagles and other raptors being struck by cars.

“Did you know that food waste, regardless if it’s an apple banana peel or a fast food wrapper, becomes food for rats and mice along our roads,” Jodi says.

“Raptors such as owls feed on those rodents, and then they have collisions with cars and become injured.”

Jodi and Tim want viewers to share the video as much as possible to help stop needless injury to wild animals.

“So now that you know that even something as simple as an apple core can be devastating to wildlife, you’re going to pass that message along, right Tim?” Jodi asks of her co-host.

“Of course, Jodi and I hope to see this video shared too!”

Want to learn more about the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre? You can do so on centre’s website at

Want to volunteer or help in other ways? Call 250-248-8534 or visit the Centre at 1240 Leffler Rd., near Parksville.

Remember, says NIWRA, the animals need us as much as we need you!

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