Lucia and Geoff Lyons hold up their Long Service plaques beside District of Ucluelet's park and rec staff Abby Fortune and Barb Gudbranson. (Nora O'Malley photo)

Volunteer stalwarts earn Long Service Awards in Ucluelet

Geoff and Lucia Lyons honoured for dedication to community

Deep-rooted Ucluelet community members Geoff and Lucia Lyons received Long Service Awards from the District of Ucluelet on Aug. 30 for their loyalty and dedication to the Recreation and Parks Department.

Geoff has been volunteering his time for drop-in soccer and badminton for nearly five decades.

“It’s been a fabulous 47 years coaching soccer, working with soccer and playing soccer and badminton from probably 30 (years). I just hope that this doesn’t fall by the waste side with the school district building a new school. I’m hoping that this gymnasium will be available to the public because we don’t have any similar facilities,” said Geoff.

Lucia was the drop-in person for Wednesday night volleyball for over 35 years.

“Winters are long here and it’s nice to have activities. I really looked forward to volleyball. It’s served a lot of people for getting out and getting to meet new people,” she said.

Abby Fortune’s eyes filled with tears as she hugged the Geoff and Lucia during the award presentation outside the community hall.

“They have been key volunteers over the years,” said Fortune, Ucluelet’s director of parks and recreation.

Recreation programmer Barb Gudbranson said it’s been a bit of struggle to find new, constant volunteers.

“It’s hard to find volunteers for sports. We’re always looking for people,” she said.