Tofino has a higher staff payroll than Ucluelet but Ucluelet's councillors receive higher renumeration than their Tofino colleagues.

West Coast’s municipal salaries

Statements of financial information show local staff and council wages.

Ucluelet compensated its elected officials a little more handsomely than Tofino did last year, according to both districts’ recently released statements of financial information.

Ucluelet mayor Dianne St. Jacques received $33,679 in 2015 compared to Tofino mayor Josie Osborne’s $22,664.

Ucluelet’s councillors also earned more than their Tofitian colleagues.

In Ucluelet: Marilyn McEwen received $24,837, Randy Oliwa received $22,917, Sally Mole received $22,197 and Mayco Noel received $21,077.

In Tofino: Greg Blanchette received $14,084, Ray Thorogood received $13,399, Duncan McMaster received $13,324, Cathy Thicke received $13,144, Dorothy Baert received $13,139 and Al Anderson received $12,509.

At the staff level, Tofino was the bigger spender with a roughly $1.7 million payroll compared to Ucluelet’s $1.4 million.

Chief Administrative Officer Bob MacPherson topped Tofino’s salary list at $140,100. Director of Financial Services Nyla Attiana received $98,029. Equipment Operator George Hubert received $88,239. Manager of Community Sustainability Aaron Rodgers received $81,484 and Manager of Corporate Services Jane Armstrong received $80,914.

Tofino paid roughly $1.2 million to employees with salaries under $75,000.

Ucluelet’s Chief Administrative Officer Andrew Yeates topped his office’s list at $128,742. Chief Financial Officer Jeanette O’Connor received $93,960. Superintendent of Public Works Warren Cannon received $87,792. Director of Recreation Abby Fortune received $83,792 and Public Works Foreman Steven Lang received $78,414.

Ucluelet paid roughly $988,000 to employees with salaries under $75,000.