Ucluelet will not compete in BC’s beauty contest

Ucluelet declines Communities in Bloom invitation

Ukee doesn’t need to compare itself to other communities to feel beautiful.

Ucluelet doesn’t need to compare itself to other communities to feel beautiful.

The district will not enter next year’s BC Communities in Bloom contest, which sees towns compete over who has the best-looking streetscapes, neighborhoods and public spaces.

“BC Communities in Bloom is an organization of dedicated volunteer judges who provide their expertise through an evaluation process that is conducted every summer to help participants measure their community’s liveability,” according to the organization’s website.

During a recent regular meeting, Ucluelet’s council reviewed an invitation for 2017’s contest and, while Coun. Marilyn McEwen seemed warm to the idea, council quickly shot it down.

“Having been involved in this program before, I would recommend against it,” said Coun. Sally Mole.

“It’s a little time consuming, it’s hard for them to judge us compared to somewhere like Parksville or Qualicum and it does come at a cost to the district.”

Mayor Dianne St. Jacques said Ucluelet was successful when it competed in 2008’s contest but she agreed with Mole that the work involved to participate was higher than the fruits were worth.

“It was a lot of energy, a lot of time, a lot of volunteers and I think we’re pretty blooming beautiful right now so we’ll just continue working on that,” she said.