Shelter 601 Campbell Tofino ******6 out of 6 asterisks

Nice Thing About The West Coast #4: You can enjoy a fireplace much of the year. The one at Shelter’s a beaut, and we found ourselves savouring a fab panko-crusted chicken sandwich by it on a lustrous, rainy Sunday. We have also enjoyed their yam fries. But the star of this repast, IMO, was under $13, a unique dish (a bowl, really) featuring slow-poached eggs, avocado and a moist cooked-and-seasoned-type smoked salmon. Three of our favourite things in one place. The dressing with it had a sort of Hollandaise effect, and the exquisitely pickled shallots over greens were quite perfect. We borrowed our partner’s tomato relish and threw it in for good measure. Served with lightly toasted artisanal bread. #whatwe’rehavingnexttime … That is all.