Public-private partnership to boost Bunny’s Ukee offerings

The Easter Bunny will arrive in Ucluelet on Sunday, April 20, and will leave an Easter Egg Hunt at 12:30 p.m. Each year Ucluelet’s Black Rock Resort helps the Easter Bunny hide treats throughout Big Beach.

Last year, the Resort supplemented the Bunny’s offerings with over 5,000 Easter eggs mixed in “with alternate gifts for the nonsugar consumers in the crowd,” according to the resort’s general manager Adele Larkin.

Larkin asked the district to pitch in $200 for this year’s event.

“Our hope is to again be able to offer a similar event to our wonderful community,” she said through the letter. “We do need help though as it seems that each year the donations thin out a bit while expectation grows.”

Ucluelet’s municipal council referred the request to the parks and recreation department’s special events budget and parks and recreation director Abby Fortune said the resort’s $200 request was accepted. This is the first time the district has partnered with Black Rock to assist the Easter Bunny’s efforts at Big Beach. “We’re happy to support a community event that reaches out to the families of the community,” Fortune said.