Cops vs. kids is exact opposite

A flurry of police activity descended upon Ucluelet Secondary School’s gym last week as local cops joined school staff to take on students in a game of Belly Baseball.

Belly Baseball is a high-energy version of kickball that requires participants to belly flop onto a series of large mats that represent bases. Sgt. Jeff Swann said the Ucluelet detachment plays a variety of sports against local students about every two months.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to get to know the kids better in a fun safe atmosphere,” he said. “You see the kids the next day and you’re high-fiving and you laugh about who got who and who tackled who and who got who out; our whole detachment goes and it’s fun to get out there.”

He believes taking the time to play and interact with local students is important because of the valuable relations these activities build between police and local youth.

“We’re spoiled with our kids in this town,” he said. “We’ve got a very respectful group of youth and there’s a good relationship with the teachers and students so it’s fun for us.”